Author Picture

Tommy A. Phillips (that’s me) is an avid Packers fan from Pittsburgh. Enough with the third-person talk. I have been to NFL games in six different cities, soon to be seven in September when I go to Washington to watch the Packers take on the “Hogs.” I have blogged on sports regularly since 2008, as well as about anime in America. Sadly, I have failed to pick the Super Bowl winner nine times out of ten preseason predictions. (I should have just picked New England every year, because that’s the only one I got right.)

I spent two whole years in writing Nifty Nineties: An Amazing Decade in Pro Football History. The idea for the book came to me in a dream, which might sound spooky, but that’s how it happened. 300,000+ words later, my childhood goal of becoming an author of a book was complete.

If you’re interested in talking sports, writing, or even anime, you can find me at this email or at this Facebook page. And you can buy my first book here!