Nifty Nineties: Second Edition released!

Nifty Nineties Second Edition

From my description on Amazon:

“We all have fond memories of the nineties, and even fonder memories of the pro football played during the decade. The NFL in the nineties had it all: Steve Young’s pinpoint accuracy, Brett Favre’s rocket arm, Emmitt Smith’s ball-carrying vision, Jerry Rice’s soft hands, and Bruce Smith’s thunderous tackles. This book covers nineties football tighter than coverage by Deion Sanders, with all the spice of a Barry Sanders run! This book includes full-blown play-by-play coverage of 185 games, including every single playoff game during the nineties, as well as the 75 most memorable regular-season games, from kickoff to the final gun. It also includes year-by-year stories from 1990 to 1999, rankings of the greatest players and teams, and a look at television coverage at the time. It even includes five life lessons I’ve learned from watching nineties football. You won’t find a more comprehensive book on the nineties anywhere. From offensive stars Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice, to defensive stars Reggie White and Bruce Smith, to special teams stars Steve Tasker and Travis Jervey, this book covers the whole field. Whether you want to read about the Cowboys’ Super Bowls, or just the Browns’ lone playoff win, this book has you covered. There is something in this book for fans of all 32 NFL teams. It’s a touchdown!”

Paperback price: $19.90 (includes free download of Kindle version)

Kindle price: $4.90

Games include:

  • EVERY single playoff game from the 1990 through 1999 seasons
  • Playoff games include “The Comeback” by the Bills, “The Catch II” by the 49ers, “Wide Right” in favor of the Giants, “The Seat Cushion Game” for the Redskins, “The Mud Bowl” for the Packers, and even the most recent playoff wins for the Browns, Bengals, and Lions
  • 75 regular-season games including Leon Lett’s Thanksgiving blunder, Dan Marino’s fake spike, Joe Montana’s Monday night comeback, the Bills’ “other” 26-0 comeback, Tim Couch’s Hail Mary, the first Lambeau Leap, and even the Jerome Bettis coin toss game
  • And much more!

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